Bird nutrition specialists

Our specialization in the field of bird nutrition allows us to develop and offer you exclusive, high-quality foods. We research and innovate daily to be able to provide you with the best solutions for feeding your birds.
Optimal feeding is the basis for success in aviculture. The development of suitable complete foods and the improvement of rearing protocols, are our greatest contribution to the welfare of the birds.
Our specific foods contribute to the success of several conservation and captive propagation programs of threatened species and the recovery of wildlife.
Bird products

Our wide range of foods is the result of the work of a technical team made up of specialists in nutrition, zootechnics and ethology.

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African grey parrot breeding center

Our breeding center for gray parrots is one of the largest in the EU, with more than 250 couples.

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Psittacus Foundation

The Psittacus Foundation is the expression of the vocation of the corporate social responsibility of Psittacus Catalonia.

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Psittacus TV
Our audiovisual production channel, where you will find tutorials and reports
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes we are. Our feed factory os officially registered with the number ESP08300758.
As a pet owner, you can do it in Pet shops (in physical establishments or online) or through our official online store: Psittacus Store. As a professional, you can as well do it through the Psittacus Store or our commercial network of distributors. Contact us if you wish so we can guide you.
If you reside in Spain, you can buy directly from us if you wish through our Spanish Psittacus Store ( The sale prices are homogeneous for our entire commercial network.
If you live in another country, check if it already has its own official Psittacus store ( or send us an email requesting the contact details of the distributor that corresponds to you.
Send us information related to your company and contact us so we can get to know each other.
We don't have African grey parrot babies all year round. We usually have them available from June to December, but it is important that you make a reservation well in advance. Usually we do not have availability of babies of other species.
Currently, we do not accept orders from new customers residing in other countries. The local market and neighboring countries absorb all our production.
Our breeding center is governed by strict biosecurity measures and visits are not allowed. As for the nursery, it is now possible to observe its activity from the Psittacus Foundation space, without having to enter it. This makes it possible to visit it. In any case, the Foundation space is not yet opened to the public and it is necessary to arrange the visit in advance.
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