How to purchase an African grey baby


Options for the acquisition of one of our African grey babies

In specialized stores

You can acquire a baby born in our breeding center by going to a pet store near your home that deserves your trust. This shop will contact Psittacus Catalonia and will receive the baby directly from our nursery.

Direct purchase from Psittacus Catalonia

In case it is not possible for you to make the purchase through a specialized retailer, or simply because you prefer, you can purchase the chick directly from Psittacus Catalonia. To do so, you will need to contact us.

Send us this form Access form

Regarding the export of babies, we currently do not accept orders from new clients residing in other countries. The local market and that of neighboring countries absorb all our production.

All our babies are delivered identified with a closed band, in the Psittacus transport box and accompanied by a kit that consists of the following elements:

Our book “La llegada al hogar” (Arrival at home), in which we explain in detail how to integrate the young African grey into our family circle.
3 food products according to the baby’s age
A soft tube
A bag of seeds as reward for training
The individual CITIES certificate of the animal
The veterinary certificate according to which the bird is healthy and has been negative in PCR for psittacosis and PBFD (Psittacine beak and feather disease).
In addition, it also contains the result of DNA sexing
The invoice in order