Breeding center

Professional breeding center of African Grey parrots

Bird breeding is an essential part of PSITTACUS DNA. We like birds and we would not understand our company without the existence of this activity.

The African grey breeding center was the first project we started when we founded the company and is one of the largest breeding centers for Psittacus erithacus erithacus in the European Union. Subsequently, we have implemented new infrastructures in which we breed diverse species of birds based on the research and product development projects that are ongoing at any given time.

Our secret

The synergy between the zootechnical activity and the food manufacturing is what has made us “wiser” and has allowed us and allows us to grow with soundness and rigor.

Our objective

The main objective of our breeding center is to obtain chicks of optimum quality for the pet market. However, part of our young are for reproduction, either in our own center or in other centers.

In the nursery we take care of the chicks following a strict and careful animal welfare programme. A multidisciplinary team strives to create and strengthen in each interaction with the babies a bond based on trust. Thanks to this, at the end of the whole hand-rearing process, the young African grey parrots will be able to quickly and easily adapt to harmonious coexistence with the people in their new homes and will bring great moments of happiness to their human family.