Calcium supplement with coarse particle size.


Calcium Grit Coarse is a complementary product for medium and large birds.

This product gives birds the possibility to correct calcium deficiencies inherent in seed mixtures and to the increase in calcium demand that takes place during the laying or growth periods. Birds are perfectly capable of regulating the intake of calcium-rich foods according to their needs; therefore, the product is presented in a thick format that prevents excessive involuntary ingestion from taking place.

Calcium grit can be made freely available in a separate feeder or mixed together with the rest of the diet ingredients (1 to 2% of the mixture of seeds and / or food calculated on the dry weight of the diet offered ). The availability of calcium grit allows birds to voluntarily ingest the amount of calcium that they require at any given time.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Species African grey parrots, Amazon parrots, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Galah cockatoo, Golden conure, Great green macaw, Hyacinth macaw, Macaws, Palm cockatoo, Red and green macaw, Ring-necked parakeets, Senegal parrot
Net Weight 17.63 lb (8 kg)
Physiological state Any status, Growing, Reproduction
Ingredients Calcareous marine shells, calcium carbonate, crystallised calcium carbonate
Analytical constituents Calcium 37.5 %
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Calcium Grit Coarse is a complementary food for birds.

COMPOSITION: Calcareous marine shells, calcium carbonate, crystallised calcium carbonate.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Moisture 3,0 %, Crude ash 95,5 %, Calcium 37,5 %, Sodium 0,32 %.

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Store in a cool, dry place.