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Psittacus USA, Inc. is the American corporation of the Viader Nexus Group, to which Psittacus Catalonia SL also belongs.     Founded in 2020, its main objective is managing the import of Psittacus Catalonia products in the United States.     Psittacus USA, Inc. is headquartered in Miami, Florida.
Mission and Vision of Psittacus USA

Our mission is to collaborate in the development and dissemination of innovative high-quality food for pet and aviary birds.
Our vision is to contribute to the improvement of bird welfare and the advancement of aviculture in the US.

Our ranges in the USA

We currently import and distribute in the USA, products from the PSITTACUS, WILDIETS, COLUMBAE and DISRUPTIVE ranges, as well as a small selection of products from the SERINUS range.

What does PSITTACUS contribute to the US aviculture?
An innovative approach to nutrition, based on strictly zootechnical criteria and that are the result of the continuous research and development work carried out by Psittacus Catalonia.
To adult birds

PSITTACUS offers a wide range of complete foods, which allow optimal nutrition for a very wide range of species with specific dietary needs.
PSITTACUS, following its own formulation criteria, takes into account the different nutritional requirements of the breeding season and the rest of the year.

PSITTACUS extruded foods are distinguished by their palatability, pleasant taste, texture and smell. The transition from a food of another brand to a PSITTACUS food is easy and almost spontaneous. Likewise, the transition from a diet based on a seed mixture to a PSITTACUS food also takes place without major difficulties thanks to its great palatability.

To hand-rearing

Regarding hand-rearing, PSITTACUS offers what is undoubtedly the most extensive and technical range of hand feeding formulas on the market. PSITTACUS has developed a new product category, "crop milks", and a completely innovative approach to hand-rearing protocols. This approach is based on the correct synchrony between the nutrient absorption capacity of the chicks and the nutritional concentration of the food, also taking into account the trophic specialization of the different species.

The sequence we usually recommend is to feed the chicks a crop milk during the crucial first days of life, continue with a neonatal formula until feathering begins, and continue until weaning with a follow-on hand feeding formula. In some cases, it is possible to transition directly from the crop milk to the follow-on hand feeding formula.
Thanks to this strategy, we make the most of the chicks' nutrient absorption capacity (which is very high during the first days and gradually decreases with age) and we achieve optimal growth that guarantees their health and well-being.

To artificial incubation

Finally, and with regard to artificial incubation, PSITTACUS offers incubators that are a reflection of its intense and prolonged activity in this field.
The experience acquired thanks to the incubation of thousands of eggs from its African gray parrot breeding center and its research facilities, has allowed the development of an absolutely innovative and disruptive approach to incubation, which has given rise to the DISRUPTIVE incubators.

Breeders versed in the artificial incubation of wild species will appreciate the contributions that these machines offer.

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