Quality in Psittacus Catalonia


The continuous improvement of the quality of our products is a basic premise that guides all our actions. The products of our brands have the highest possible quality as a priority. The costs derived from this prioritisation always come second. If there is one thing we always bear in mind, it is that the quality of a product is measured first and foremost by the results and improvements it provides.

The link with R&D

It is our R&D work that provides us with the theoretical basis that allows us to offer products that respond to the needs and concerns of our customers.

Quality control

In order to carry out quality controls, our team has its own laboratory that allows us to carry out basic determinations and also collaboration agreements with external analysis laboratories.

From our point of view, if we analyse the concept of quality in food for pet and/or ornamental birds, we must take into account the following breakdown of concepts to be assessed:

  • Obtaining the expected results in the animals for which the food is intended: growth in young birds or reproductive results in adults; as well as resistance to diseases, plumage quality, behaviour and general condition in all cases.
  • The stability of the food, both in terms of nutritional composition and shelf life.
  • The microbiological quality of the food.
  • Its organoleptic quality, which will result in a greater or lesser palatability: smell, texture, taste.
  • The degree of standardisation of its characteristics: particle size, moisture content, nutritional composition...
  • The functionality of the food: capacity to obtain a stable suspension (hand feeding formulas), capacity for hydration without loss of integrity of form (Microspheres), consistency of particle size with the requirements of the species and stage of development of the bird for which it is intended (food)...

When we talk about quality, we require that all these concepts are amply covered.

Psittacus Catalonia has distinguished itself over the years for its rigour and involvement in the continuous improvement of quality. Our HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is very strict and is being adapted in accordance with new needs as they arise. In general, we work according to GMP+ certification guidelines. One of our manufacturing lines is already certified by this organisation and we hope to be able to extend its scope in the near future.

We know that the products of our brands will never be distinguished by their low price, but we work to ensure that they are distinguished by their quality. In this respect, the birds themselves are the most demanding judges.