Our R&D work


Research work has been and is the main driving force of our company. In a field of knowledge as little developed as that of the nutrition and management of species not intended for consumption, this commitment to generating our own information is what has allowed us to innovate and provide truly significant improvements.


Our breeding center for African gray parrots, as well as a multispecies aviary and a nursery dedicated exclusively to research projects, constitute the "headquarters" of our R&D work.

Psittacus Foundation

The Psittacus Foundation is a fundamental actor when it comes to inspiring new Research and Development projects, which in one way or another benefit aviculture and birds in general.

Currently, many of the projects are carried out in coordination with the Psittacus Foundation. This means that many of them are not oriented to the develpment of new products, but to the development of protocols of artificial incubation and comprehensive hand-rearing in singular species; either because of their difficulty (see the Eolophus roseicapilla project), or because of their important presence in breeding centers (see the Nymphicus hollandicus project). Likewise, the Foundation also urges us to carry out research and development projects that will have a positive impact on wild birds (see the Apus apus project). On the other hand, we devote a significant effort to adjusting and improving the products that we already have on the market. We are convinced that any product is always susceptible to improvement, and often the knowledge we gain during the realisation of certain projects is also applicable to existing products.

We always have ongoing research and development projects aimed at creating new products that respond to the demands we receive from breeder, pet owners and researchers. Some projects can be started and completed in a few months, but most of them take years of work. At the end of the development process, it is the birds themselves from our centers and collaborating breeding centers that will validate the result of the project. The feedback we receive from the collaborating breeding centers are absolutely fundamental for the final adjustment process and for the success of the projects.

In aviculture, as in any other area of life, all is capable of improvement. And obtaining new knowledge is what makes it possible.